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About Us (And About You)

Who You Are

You don't have to look like this guy, you just have to have the same drive. Be dedicated to your business and focused on growing it. Have a real motivation to acquire new clients and serve them well.

Also, be willing to hire help. You want to work "on" your business (not "in" it) and to do that, you'll have to outsource a lot of your day-to-day tasks. This goes for everything from customer service, to bookkeeping, to marketing. You can't do it all! Even if you could, you shouldn't; your time is better spent elsewhere. 

So you've set aside monthly budgets for everything but your core talents. As long as you have an expert you can trust, you'll happily outsource any task. There are just so many better ways to spend your time.

If this is you – or at least close – then get in touch with us.

Construction Manager

Who We Are

We're the ones who get you the best possible results, with the least possible involvement on your part. We don't give you leads, we give you booked appointments; and we handle all the back-end coordination also. You and your staff will have minimal involvement beyond greeting the prospect when they show up. Anything else hasn't been known to be successful or sustainable for our clients.

We're not an all-purpose agency. Our core strengths are appointment-booking using a database or ads; review generation and management; and a few other high-impact services. Our goals are always fast results that lead to sustained growth – cash flow plus intrinsic wealth – the short-term plus the long-term. Pay your bills and grow your asset.

We want to help any business that fits this model, and that provides a valuable service to the world.

Lucya LLC founder